News from the Butler City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 3rd  

Story courtesy of Mid America Live

Jamie Morgan, president of Electric City Downtown approached the council to get permission for the ECD Brick Street Bash on June 4th for a few items: first, there will be alcohol available, which will be closely supervised. Also, parts of the square will be cordoned off for festivities, but plenty of room will be left for emergency vehicles if needed. The Butler City council unanimously approved the plans as outlined by Morgan. 

The Butler public safety committee has been discussing the issue of feral cats in Butler. At this time, ordinances regarding this are being reviewed and, in the meantime, it is advised that if someone has an issue with feral cats, please contact the Butler police department and fill out an official complaint form. More about the cat matter is expected in the upcoming May 17 Butler City Council meeting. 

Police Chief Jarret Wheatley reported that the much-needed new radio console for dispatch is being built and will arrive at the police station soon. Ongoing issues with the current console prompted the replacement, which was mostly funded by grant money. The upgrade was deemed vital as it is used for both Butler police and fire dispatch. 

Several purchases were approved at the Butler City Council meeting, all previously budgeted. This included some safety equipment for the Butler water and sewer department, a mower and extrication tools for the Butler fire department. Also approved was the purchase of a new dump truck, with a price tag of approximately $169,000. That price is a bit of a moving target since the soonest it can be delivered will be at least 14 months from now; final price will be based on current value at that time. 

It was noted that the Butler Aquatic Center is all ready to open Memorial Weekend as usual. It was also verified that there are enough lifeguards and other workers needed as well. 

Guest Ryan Peters of Kaysinger informed the Butler City council that plans are moving forward for the comprehensive plan. This will include a survey that will be sent to residents; however, no indication was given as to exactly when the surveys will arrive. 

 The Butler city council meets on the first and third Tuesdays 7 pm, upstairs at city hall. The public is encouraged to come, and an elevator is available for those with special needs.