Notice of Public Hearing at Bates County Health Center/August 22

A public hearing will be at 6:30pm on Tuesday, August 22 at the Bates County Health Center, which is located at 501 North Orange Street in Butler, for the purpose of receiving citizen input on the proposed property tax rates to be set by the Bates County Health Center. The proposed property tax rates will be used for the purpose of producing revenues which are required to operate the Bates County Health Center during the 2018 fiscal year.

The tax rate is determined by dividing the amount of revenue required by the current assessed valuation. The result is multiplied by 100, so the tax rate will be expressed in cents per $100 valuation.

Assessed Valuation Prior Tax Year (2016) Current Year (2017)
Real Estate: $166,209,971 $168,218,659
Personal Property: $55,342,810 $56,654,649
Total: $221,552,781 $224,873,308


Assessed Valuation of New Construction and Improvements
Real Estate: $1,983,544
Personal Property: $1,311,839



Adjusted Current Year Assessed Valuation


Prior Year Tax Rate Ceiling:                0.0835

Current Year Tax Rate Computed        0.0835

Percentage increase in adjusted valuation of existing property in the current year over the prior year’s assessed valuation: 0.0113%

Assessed valuation figures are subject to change as determined by the Bates County Assessor. These tax rates are subject to change by the State Auditor’s Office.