Notices Sent To Archie Water Customers

In this week’s mail, Archie water customers will receive notices from the City regarding violations of water testing standards earlier in the year. The tests regarded TTHMs, a by-product of the water treatment process, and Stage 2 Disinfect By-Product Monitoring.

There is no immediate risk and customers need not take any action at this time, according to Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) are formed when chlorine combines with naturally occurring organic matter in the water. Disinfection is necessary to inactivate harmful microbes, such as bacteria and viruses, which may be present in the water. 

Due to a malfunction in the Chlorine feeding system, these residuals were high allowing for DBP formations that exceeded the DNR limits. The basin was drained and cleaned, the feeding system was repaired and feed rates were lowered. Water plant staff will continue to monitor for compliance with the standards.

The notifications mailed to customers will contain more detailed information and contact numbers.