OATS Transit Announces New Logo

Columbia, MO – Today (March 12, 2018) after 47 years, we are releasing an updated brand identity, which includes our new logo and an added pop of color.  The new logo blends OATS original block lettering with a new tagline. You will start to see our new image anywhere we’re out in public, such as the OATS Transit website, Facebook, Twitter, and The Wheel Newspaper.

The new logo will be phased in when new OATS busses are obtained. The old logo will not be changed on old busses due to the cost.

In addition, to a new logo OATS Transit has modernized its mission, vision, and values as the company prepares for its 50th Anniversary in the few years.

The mission, vision, and values are as follows:

  • Mission: Enhancing quality of life by providing safe, caring & reliable transportation services.
  • Vision: Every OATS community receives superior transportation services.
  • Values: Safely transporting passengers to their destinations; treating passengers with respect and compassion; and achieving and maintaining maximum standards of performance.