Original 1938 Radio Broadcast of War of the Worlds Program Saturday, October 31st

Orson Welles’ 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast has become famous for sparking panic in its listeners. It began with a report of an unusual cylindrical object falling on a farm in Grover’s Mill, New Jersey where a crowd of police and onlookers have gathered… suddenly Martians emerge from the cylinder and attack using a heat-ray… then came “live” news updates detailing an alien invasion taking place around the country… which then lead to a reporter on a rooftop in Manhattan describing giant Martian war machines releasing clouds of poisonous smoke and desperate New Yorkers fleeing and “dropping like flies” … Join FM 92 at 7 pm Saturday, October 31st as we re-visit the Mercury Theater in 1938 and re-broadcast  this infamous program courtesy of the Bates County Museum.