Osage Valley crews assist in Baton Rouge after Hurricane Ida

Osage Valley crews continue to work hard to restore power to the members of DEMCO in the Baton Rouge area. They started the week with nearly 80% of their 112,459 members without power. Today 58% still remain without power.

Osage Valley crews report restoration efforts are made more strenuous due to wet, swampy terrain around the greater Baton Rouge area coupled with the swath of damage hurricane Ida left behind. Missouri crews have used everything in their arsenal, including boats and utility vehicles to help bring down the outage numbers.

Missouri’s co-ops sent 173 line workers to Louisiana. Also assisting DEMCO are cooperative line workers from Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Florida.

Please keep the safety of the line workers as well as the citizens of Louisiana in your thoughts and prayers as they build back what Hurricane Ida destroyed.

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