Osage Valley Issues Peak Alerts for Customers

Osage valley Electric Peak Alerts

In a public service message from Osage Valley Electric : Extreme cold weather continues to place significant stress on the energy delivery systems of our region. Your cooperative and its power supplier have precautions in place for an event like this. The distribution, transmission and generation resource system that provides your service continues to perform.

The currently very high demand is placing stresses on the systems that deliver your power and many of our neighboring utilities are experiencing the same stresses and have issued notices of possible rolling blackouts. Although conditions can change very quickly, Osage Valley is not currently expecting to implement any form of rolling blackout.

If Osage Valley does have to resort to service interruptions during this time, they would be to maintain the reliability of the electric system. We would further communicate this to you, our members.

How can you help? Osage Valle Suggests-  Simply turning down your thermostat a couple of degrees, shifting the use of your clothes dryer, oven, dishwasher and other large load appliances to off peak times can be very helpful. Peak usage times are from 6-10am and 4-8pm. Turn off anything that is not completely necessary. If we all do our part we can hope to take some of the strain off of the power grid.