Papinville: And the Winner is Dennis and Kim Jacobs!

                                                      Papinville News

     The Papinville Historical Association gave away the vintage quilt on October 28th.  The big winner was Kim Jacobs.  Congratulations to her and a big thank you to all who supported this project. 

     The Papinville Historical and Cemetery Association also want to thank everyone who supported the donation drive. You are all truly great and generous people.  Because of you, they are going to be able to continue the Papinville Historical Association organization until they can get back on track and have their annual event. 

The Papinville Association will be able to meet the monthly bills that go on whether events happen or not.  Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.  All the officers and members so appreciate you all and their pledge to you is that they will try to make the next event something very special. 

      To donate or obtain further information on the organization write or call Phyllis Stewart, 6721 SE Market St., Rockville, MO 64780-8249, 417-395-2594.

      May everyone be blessed at this 2021 holiday season and all the best in 2022.

   This press release was submitted by Beverly Sullins the Papinville Historical Association President.