Papinville Historical and Cemetery Association News from President Beverly Sullins

     I am sure that most everyone has heard that yet again we have decided to not have our annual picnic this year.  It was with much regret and concerns for every one that we reached this decision.  With so many new cases of covid and deaths in Bates and surrounding counties we had to ere on the side of caution.  We are keeping all our plans for the Harmony Mission tour and picnic on hold and will present the planned activities next year.  All who signed up for our tour will be personally called when the event does happen.  We thank everyone for their interest in that activity. 

     We were happy to host the area retired teachers who came out for a tour of the museum and school on September 8th.  They all enjoyed their selves and were happy to be visited by Sophie (Maugraine) Papin and learn of the education at Harmony Mission as they enjoyed lunch.  People or organizations who would like to have tours like this may do so by contacting     Beverly at 417-395-4288 or Phyllis at 417-395-2594.  We would be glad to visit with you and plan a tour for you.  

     Now we need to visit with you about the status of our organization.  This past year we have had a major problem arise.  As you know we have our organization complex here in Papinville and it is rural and we share with God’s creatures living around us.  Unfortunately, several of those creatures (squirrels) decided they wanted to live in our school building and destroyed some of the school property.  We are happy to report that all has been fixed and we have taken steps to deter their return.  But all that took money.  Then there are lights, water, insurance and mowing that has been continuing expenses.  With no yearly money-making event happening in two years now we are needing a little help.  We want to keep every thing in good repair and continue to have the facility to be used and to do that we would like to ask for your help.  If you would like to make a donation in any amount it would be very appreciated.  We have printed up slate like trivets commemorating the establishing of Harmony Mission in 1821. The first 25 persons donating $50.00 or more will receive one of these trivets free. Just know that whatever amount you would be able to give would go to the monthly bills and up keep of the property so that all will be well for us to welcome you back when this health crisis is under control. Donations my be sent to our treasurer, Phyllis Stewart, 6721 S E Market St, Rockville, MO 64780—8249.  Thank you so much and everyone stay safe.  

                                                                                    Beverly Sullins, Pres.