Papinville History: Feature Press Releases starting this Friday in our 9 am and 5 pm Local News ( Harmony Mission History)

The Papinville Historical Association will be hosting “Harmony Mission Day” at Papinville on June 12th. This is the 200th year since Harmony Mission was established.  We are celebrating this year by having a tour to the location where Harmony Mission was established by the missionaries. The mission was built about one mile northwest of Papinville on the Marais des Cygnes River.

What was Harmony Mission and what was its purpose for the Osage Indians? The following information was found in the book “The First Protestant Osage Missions” by William W Graves written in 1949. “In 1820 the Missouri Osage went to Washington D.C. to plea with the president that missionaries need to be sent to their land and teach their people about civilized living.  The United Foreign Missionary Society (U.F.M. S.) was formed and immediately met with the Secretary of War to work out the arrangements. After a consultation with the chief and his advisor, a covenant was drawn up to which all parties agreed and the U.F.M.S. began to search for volunteers for a mission family.

The missionaries felt that the purpose of the mission was to teach the men how to plough and sow, reap and raise bread out of the ground and how to make iron products for farming, mechanic arts, husbandry, learn to build houses, have mills that would grind corn and saw wood.  For the women, teach them how to sew, weave material, knit and spin to make their clothing and prepare food properly. For the children, teach them how to read, write and master arithmetic. For all Osage, Christian education. The society wanted to send out their missionaries to do good not to hurt. They wanted the Osage to become their friends. They wanted the Osage to receive them with love and to protect them from all harm.”

The Harmony Mission stories will continue for several weeks. Hope you will enjoy the stories and that you will come to our celebration on June 12th.There will be a 10:00am and 1:00pm tour. If we need another tour, it will be at 3:00pm.

The tour will meet at the Papinville museum and includes the following:

  • Information on Harmony Mission
  • Viewing the village diorama
  • A wagon ride to the location where Harmony Mission was built (with information on the layout of the mission)
  • Lunch will be provided at the mission site with time to walk around the site.
  • Ride back to museum for dessert of cake and ice cream

Once we arrive back at the museum, Beverly Sullins, dressed in an Osage maiden’s dress, will have a presentation about Sophia (Melicourt Papin’s wife) who was an Osage.

To make reservations for the tour, please call the following telephone numbers:  417-395-2594 or 417-395-4288

If we are unable to answer, please leave a message and your telephone number and we will return your call.

If you have wanted to see where Bates County first was established now is your chance.

We want to thank Jerry, Angela and Catherine Stangel for letting the Papinville Historical Association have this tour to their property where Harmony Mission was established. The next article will be on the people that were picked to travel from New York to the mission.

Papinville is located East of Rich Hill, MO on B Highway. Directions to the museum will be provided in the last article prior to the tour.

Submitted by Phyllis Stewart ( Activity Director)