Please hold Donations for the Butler Thrift Store

The Butler Thrift Store is asking for you to hold all donations until further notice- please do not drop off donations items at the thrift store .

This is what happens to donations left outside. Bad people drag the donations behind the storage containers, rip them open, go thru them, steal what they want and leave the rest out in the rain. The pile of clothes you see in the photo is 4 ft tall and happened over one single night. They are all wet and ruined.

Now is a great time to go thru your closets, basements, etc…..just store them for us until the butler Thrift Store reopens. Gail Fletcher stated; “ That all the thrift stores are in the same situation”. Donations are not being processed and the stores have no place to store them.

Remember when you are collecting items for donation….they need clean, sellable items. If your item is broken, missing parts, stained clothing, shoes that no one would want…..that is trash not donations. If you know your board game has missing pieces, that is trash.

The Butler Thirft Store also do not want used mattresses and box springs. They also do not want TV’s and exercise equipment as those items do not sell.

Thank you from the Butler Thrift Store.