Pool Pal Donations for the Butler Aquatic Center

The Immanuel Baptist Church of Butler is organizing a fundraising event for the children of Butler. The church will be sponsoring approximately 25 children for a 1-day pass on Monda,y July 18th , and 25 children on Tuesday, July 19th. Donations, in any amount, will help defray the cost of admission to the Butler Aquatic Center.  Admission to the Butler Pool is $6.00 per day. 

We thank you in advance for your donations, as temps reach triple digits over the next few days, The  Immanuel Baptist Church of Butler hopes, with the help of the community, to have the funds to pay for many children to use the Butler Pool, over the remainder of the summer.  

If you would like to help send kids to the pool for the remainder of the season, your donations may be dropped off at the Butler Aquatic Center, hours are noon until 6 pm daily. The Butler Aquatic Center will close on August the 12th.

Written by 92.1 News