Press Release Butler R-V School

From the desk of Darin Carter, Butler R-V Superintendent

The Butler R-V School District has been notified of additional school faculty members and/or students who have tested positive for COVID-19.

These latest tests primarily impact students and staff at the High School. We currently are aware of 3 students and 2 staff members who have tested positive.

We are working diligently with the Bates County Health Department to follow the protocols in place as we deal with this issue.

Other students who have had prolonged exposure or direct contact will be contacted by the Health Department or School and advised to quarantine.

Please remember the district is unable to release many details due to confidentiality procedures. While we are hopeful the number of incidents will be minimal, it is best to remember that announcements such as this will likely occur throughout this school year.

We encourage all to continue to social distance where possible, frequently sanitize your hands and monitor health symptoms to help limit the spread of COVID. Please feel free to contact the school or the Bates County Health Department with questions.