Press Release from Butler Emergency Management

With severe weather season upon us and the current on-going COVID-19 threat present, now is a good time to consider alternatives on how we as a community take shelter in the event that a tornado warning is issued.

We recommend that you review your current accommodations for sheltering in place. Interior rooms, bathrooms without windows and interior closets offer some protection. For homes with basements or 2 stories, under the stairway provides more protection.

Avoiding public shelters during this time is recommended.  If no other alternative exists, please observe the social distancing recommendations of at least 6 feet from the nearest person. If you have been sick, exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 such as persistent cough, shortness of breath or fever over 100.4 or exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, it is advisable to avoid using public storm shelters.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these already stressful times.