Press Release from Mullinax Funeral Home Concerning Coronavirus

Mullinax Funeral Home has been a part of the Butler Community since 2009, and Drexel since 2006. We know that our communities band together and do what must be done, supporting each other individually and professionally.

Some have asked me how COVID-19 will affect funeral gatherings. I wanted to share with you what Mullinax Funeral Homes will be doing and the extra precautions we are taking – and the services we are making available. In addition to our usual cleaning, we are increasing sanitation in all areas but especially our chapels, bathrooms, entrances and exits. The safety of our families, employees, and general public is of utmost importance.

We recognize that large gatherings are discouraged and may be prohibited soon. Therefore, we will begin recording all funeral and memorial services. With the family’s permission, we will post these services to our Facebook page and website. This will allow the public to ‘attend’ funeral services virtually, or view the services at a later time, if desired by the family. In most cases, we are able to record the service and provide the family with a copy as well.

I take great pride in our ability to be innovative and flexible. We strive to serve each family to the best of our ability in every situation. As COVID-19 presents a new challenge to the funeral service, we want to offer helpful options for families to avoid the crowds, but still pay their respects in a dignified manner.

We continue to stay informed from the CDC and our local health authorities on what options we can provide.

As always, we answer our phones 24 hours every single day. If you have any questions or concerns, please call.

I thank you for your continued trust in Mullinax Funeral Homes. We will continue to be here for you.

Greg D. Mullinax

Owner, Mullinax Funeral Homes