Press Release from St. Clair County Sheriff

On March 4th, Zachery Bly, 21, Kansas City, was arrested by a St. Clair County deputy on 6 Clay County Failure to Appear warrants, and a St. Clair County warrant for a Felony charge of Resisting/Interfering with Arrest for a Felony, and a Felony charge of Assault – 2nd Degree- Special Victim. The total bond for the Clay County warrants was set for $29,100.00 cash only and the bond for the St. Clair County warrant was set at $15,000.00 cash only.

The arrest was made when information was given by a Polk County citizen had witnessed the vehicle Zachery was the driver of, stealing mail from mailboxes, and fled from the scene. Upon being stopped by St. Clair County deputies, Zachery drove off and crossed over north into the south bound lanes. At this time, he drove at a high rate of speed into oncoming traffic, while deputies attempted to get ahead of him to warn drivers of the danger. Zachery crossed over the lane’s multiple times, ramming a patrol vehicle, and eventually rolled his vehicle while attempting to cross the median on 13 Highway, North of A Highway and C Highway Junction. During the investigation, it appeared he was stealing mail between Kansas City and Springfield. Sheriff Hilty praises the deputies and their quick thinking in trying to warn motorists of the dangerous situation. Anyone who may have encountered this subject traveling at them are encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office.