Press Release from St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office

From the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office

On September 18, 2021, Benjamin Lewis, 28, Osceola, was arrested by a St. Clair County deputy for a warrant out of Crawford County, Kansas on charges for Failure to Report Offender Registration, and Resisting Arrest. The bond was set at $10,000.00 cash or surety.

The arrest was made after a St. Clair County deputy made a traffic stop on a vehicle matching the description of a truck that had recently been reported stolen. Once the St. Clair County deputy verified that it was the vehicle they were looking for, the victim was notified and was instructed to come get the vehicle.

When the deputy informed Benjamin of his warrant and notified him that he was under arrest, Benjamin failed to obey the deputy’s verbal commands to put his hands behind his back and took off running into the woods, continuing to resist arrest.

While running on foot Benjamin fell and the St. Clair County deputy was able to detain him. After the deputy detained Benjamin, he called EMS to check Benjamin’s injuries. Benjamin was transported to Golden Valley Medical Hospital by EMS for treatment.