Press Release from Vernon County Sheriff

Vernon County Sheriff Mosher responds to concerns that FBI will access CCW holders’ information during county audits

“Not going to happen” Vernon County Sheriff Jason Mosher addressed concerns Wednesday morning after information has begun to circulate that the FBI is planning an audit that includes the CCW (concealed carry weapon) system in Missouri counties.

Sheriff Mosher said from what he understands the FBI’s CJIS Audit Unit is planning to audit “some” of the counties in Missouri including their CCW system/process and how information is accessed relating to the Criminal Justice Information System.

Sheriff Mosher said he has not been notified that Vernon County will be one of such agencies but wants to make sure citizens in Vernon County know their information would remain protected.

Sheriff Mosher stated he has been receiving questions from concerned citizens that the FBI is attempting to access names of CCW holders as they did during the Obama Administration.

Although Vernon County has not been notified as of this broadcast that their county will be on the audit list, I will not be sharing any names or information regarding CCW holders in Vernon County with the FBI regardless.

According to the Vernon County Sheriff, Missouri law places the security of CCW information in the hands of Missouri Sheriffs, leaving it up to them to keep their citizens information confidential from anyone, including the feds.

Sheriff Mosher said a state auditor employee attempted to gain names of CCW holders’ information in Vernon County several years ago during a state audit and was also denied the request by his office.

Sheriff Mosher said he would like to commend Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt on his support and response to the FBI. In a letter addressed to FBI Director Wray on July 13, 2022, Schmitt responded to the FBI on behalf of the State and Missouri Sheriff’s informing them that Missouri law specifically prohibits the sharing of CCW information with any “federal, state or private entities.”