Press Release Henry County Sheriff

News Release

Henry County Sheriff’s Office

November 17, 2020

According to Sheriff Kent Oberkrom three inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Henry County Detention Center.  “We have put into place several protocols since last March to prevent this and have been successful up until this past weekend when inmates were tested”, Sheriff Oberkrom said.  This may be a sign that this round, as has been predicted, may be more wide spread than what we have seen thus far.  The positive test were in one cell block and that block has been internally isolated with additional protocols.  “We have had a plan in place since March should Covid be discovered in our inmate population and that plan has now been implemented by the Detention Center administration and staff”, Sheriff Oberkrom added.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor inmates and staff and conduct additional testing within the facility.  Please check our Facebook page for additional updates or changes in the public access to our facilities.