Public Awareness from Bates County Coroner Greg Mullinax

Bates County Coroner speaks out about protecting the elderly in our community he speaks to the community he cares about with the public service message.

Not too long ago a local family published a warning in a local newspaper. It was about a person who purported to care for elders in the community by assisting them with finances, property, and  banking.

Trouble was, the elders in reference seemed most often to be those alone or with little to no family nearby who might notice if anything wasn’t on the level.

It has come to the attention of Greg Mullinax that this continues to be an issue. By offering to assist with bringing in the mail in your absence, or tending to household chores while someone is gone.

Let’s be real, folks. What is being asked for is permission to be on or in your property. It’s hard to make a good police report against a person who can document a reason to be where they are and doing what they’re doing.

Fortunately, we live in a community where resources for those living alone are available. Sometimes though, people just aren’t sure where to turn and accept help that appears good, but turns out to be costly.

If you or someone you care about truly needs this kind of help, I know where it can be found – safely. Do not hesitate to ask for a direction. Mullinax stated “ No, I don’t have anything you don’t have – that is, the ability to know when something is on the level versus something that’s dishonest. If you worked with this population daily as I do, you’d spot it too”.

While Bates County Coroner, Greg Mullinax stated he doesn’t like making posts to Facebook and releasing this type of information, he has seen the heartbreaking consequences of not.

Please friends, beware.