Public Service Message from the City of Butler. Protect our riders!

Communities are in the height of mowing season and something as simple as when you are mowing the ditch areas, blow the clippings back onto the lawn. This simple trick could save the life of a motorcycle rider.

Remember that grass clippings are often blown or left on the roadways and can lead to serious injuries or even death for those that ride.

Yard waste is not only dangerous to riders, but it ends up in the storm drains, causing blockages and contributes to city streets flooding.

Yard waste and grass clippings should be mulched back into the yard or deposited at the provided Brush and compost site located South of the Butler Youth Building at the Bates County Fair Grounds in Butler.

The Brush and Compost site is open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm.  If you need to dump brush or compost on the weekend you can go the Butler Police State located at 309 North Fulton in Butler to pick up a key.

The City of Butler appreciates your compliance for the protection of our motorcycle riders.