Radio Stations Endorse Public Service Message Hurricane Harvey Donation Site /

Hurricane Harvey is the strongest storm the U.S. has experienced in over a decade. Millions of homes and businesses are affected and over 30,000 people are seeking shelter. The country is looking for ways to help.

Radio stations are using their air time to warn the public of scammers taking advantage of the situation. FM-92 has a confirmed site for legitimate donations. The Ad Council provides public service announcements for  radio stations. They have released this public service message for those wanting to make a donation to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, everyone wants to help. When donating goods, it’s hard to know what’s most needed. Monetary donations are the most effective way to support those in need. Aid workers can spend donations locally, to strengthen the community, provide items that are needed most and help save lives.

In the after math of Hurricane Harvey, monetary donations are the best way to make a big difference. Donate today at That’s This  public service message is a confirmed legitimate donation site approved by all radio station in the United States.