Real-Time Texting now available at Bates County Memorial for the Deaf, Speech, and Hearing- Impaired.

Real-time text service known as “RTT” is now available at Bates County Memorial Hospital for the speech and hearing impaired. The hospital’s new RTT number is 660- 464-0303. This service benefits the deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired patients when they need to call for emergency assistance. Real-Time Text is a service that allows text to be sent immediately as it is created. A recipient can read a message while the sender types it. RTT is similar to the instant exchange of information of voice conversations over the phone, a critical service in an emergency. The Real-Time Text line at Bates County Memorial Hospital is 660-200-0303 and connects you with the emergency department at the hospital. If you have a speech or hearing impaired family member or friend, remind them of the RTT service, now available at Bates County Memorial Hospital. The RTT service is also available to speech or hearing impaired patients at the hospital who need to make contact with their family or have no other method of contacting their family from the emergency room or inpatient floor. Just another way Bates County Memorial Hospital provides quality service inpatient care for everyone in the community. That RTT phone number is 660-464-0303. Your friendly nurse will be happy to help, or visit our website for more details at