Remodeled Alley Tavern

Electric City Downtown / Butler Main Street

Just north of the square on West Chestnut Street, you will find that the formerly known Alley Pub is now the Alley Tavern. You will also see that the Alley Tavern has undergone some major renovations. Joey and Trish Plunkett became the owners of the Alley Tavern in the beginning of January 2020. In the last 12 months, through a pandemic, the owners have been hard at work with all the updates inside and out. This included taking the space from 1200 square feet to 4000. The windows in the front are all reclaimed glass from right here in Butler, most of it coming from the old Coca-Cola plant. The front door is also sentimental as it was built by Joey, himself! Their menu has changed, and you can expect to find specials throughout the week. (I have heard Laurie’s special is always good!) Included in these specials is Taco Tuesday! In addition to the full bar, they also have wine slushies. And for the nights you just want to eat at home, the Alley Tavern also offers carry out. Be sure to stop by and see all the changes, updates, and hard work Joey and Trish have put into the

Alley Tavern