Pictured, from left: Butler Chamber Board Member Kim Jacobs, Dr. Jim Miller, Family Care Clinics; Nancy Gardner, RN, Family Care Clinics Supervisor; Megan Reno, PA, Family Care Clinics; Greg Weaver, CEO at BCMH and Butler Chamber president, and Barbara Lawrence, Butler Chamber Executive Director

The Butler Chamber of Commerce’s ribbon-cutting ceremony on December 14 for the High Street Drive-Thru Clinic marked a new chapter in health care for Family Care Clinics of Bates County Memorial Hospital. As an infection prevention strategy, it keeps patients with possible COVID-19 or other respiratory illnesses away from those in the lobby who are not sick. Though it was built in response to the pandemic, clinic staff and patients quickly took to the convenience the drive-thru offers.

For Family Care Clinic Supervisor Nancy Gardner, the environmentally-controlled space has been a godsend for both employees and patients. 

“We are grateful to have the Drive-Thru Clinic. From an employee standpoint, we are able to treat a high number of respiratory patients in a day and are shielded from the elements. From a patient standpoint, we hear things like ‘loving the opportunity to drive through and get a flu shot without getting out of the car,’ and, ‘It’s great to be able to see a provider in the Drive-Thru to get care for COVID.’”

Marcia Cook, who retired this year from Bates County Memorial Hospital, recently shared her experience after a Flu Shot Clinic held in the Drive-Thru Clinic in October: “Just did the drive thru flu shot and have to compliment the whole process! Drive thru building is great, super-fast process, probably three minutes, and the staff were wonderful. Thanks to BCMH and FCCs for doing this service for the community.”

The Drive-Thru Clinic at High Street has been operating since July, 2021. Chief Executive Officer Greg Weaver reported, “Government Cares Act monies were available to add the drive-thru on to our existing clinic to facilitate a place for COVID testing, and as COVID is not going away anytime soon, I foresee a lot of use of this valuable resource.”