Rich Hill 4th of July Pie Auction Totals About $30,000

During the 2018 Rich Hill 4th of July Celebration, there was a pie auction that set a new record for the most money received. The auction took place on Friday, July 6th at 7pm. Currently, the money is still being totaled. However, it has been released to FM-92 that the Pie Auction will total about $30,000 this year!

Brad Phelps of Rich Hill Grain purchased the most expensive pie at $3,200! The pie that Brad Phelps purchased was the 1st Place winner of the Pie Contest, which was made by Julie Diehl of Butler. The 2nd Place winner of the Pie Contest was made by Brenda Diehl of Rich Hill, and her pie was also auctioned off at the Pie Contest.

The Rich Hill 4th of July Committee thanks everyone who supported the pie auction, the 2018 Pie Auctioneer, and the Pie Auction Sponsor – Citizen’s Bank – for all their hard work and supporting the Rich Hill 4th of July Celebration.