Rich Hill: Annual Rich Hill Alumni Banquet Deadline Date

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The Annual Rich Hill Alumni Banquet will be held May 29th at the Rich Hill Dome at 6:30 PM . 

Tickets are $15.00 for the Banquet and $5.00 dues for each Rich Hill graduate.

The Theme for the Rich Hill 2021 Alumni Banquet is  – “A Farming Community” . Tickets for the Alumni Banquet may be purchased at the Citizens Bank in Rich Hill, Mo. or from Beverly Sullins. Reservations should be made by May 22nd .

Classes who are planning reunions and want a table reserved or any other questions about the annual banquet please call Beverly at 417-395-4288,or email Beverly Sullins  [email protected] or write  6807 SE Market St.  Rockville, MO 64780-8254   

Rich Hill Alumni Calendar of events was set up as follows; 

May 4 (Tuesday) – Alumni Meeting 7:00 PM at the Kern Center downtown Rich Hill

May 22 (Saturday) – Cut off date to make reservations for the banquet.  

May 28 (Friday) – Set up tables & decorate time to be announced.

May 29 (Saturday)- Rich Hill Alumni Banquet at the Rich Hill School Dome at 6:30 PM

That’s the Rich Hill Alumni Banquet May 29th . The menu and these phone numbers and email addresses may be found at or the KMAM KMOE Facebook page.

Submitted by : Lynn McClaughry  

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