Rich Hill Art Department Starts “RHKindnessRocks”

The Rich Hill Junior High and High School students in the Rich Hill Art Department have joined the frenzy! They have developed a rock program in Rich Hill similar to the one in Butler and Appleton City.

They are calling it “RHKindnessRocks”!


The Rich Hill Junior High and High School students spent many days painting rocks with kind and inspirational messages on them before they placed them throughout the Rich Hill community for others to find.

If you find a rock, the students hope it makes you smile. You may take it home and enjoy the rock for years to come, but if you do, please paint and replace the rock for others. If you don’t wish to take it home you can hide it again or give it to someone else. Take a picture of yourself with the rock you found and post it on the Rich Hill Art Department Facebook page with #rhkindnessrock.

This project will be ongoing and the Rich Hill students will continue to deposit rocks throughout the community, so keep your eyes open!

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