Rich Hill Culverts responsibility of Homeowner

City of Rich Hill reminds homeowners that keeping culverts on their property clean and in good working order is their responsibility.

When driveway culverts are clogged causing the ditches to back up, the water starts flooding yards and flowing down the streets. To help the flow of the water, the property owners in Rich Hill must maintain their culverts and ditches. This is not a duty of the City of Rich Hill.

City of Rich Hill provides this City Ordinance for Property owners in Rich Hill.

According to Ordinance 1332 Bill No. 321:

“The owner of the property served by a driveway is responsible for the maintenance and safekeeping of the driveway within the public right-of-way. Any such driveway or entrance conduit that collapses, clogs or otherwise fails in its purpose, shall be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time after such failure by the property owner or other responsible person.”

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