Rich Hill Energy Power Outages

Rich Hill Missouri Fire Department

As some may have heard there has been some forced power outages by Evergy in the area due to frigid temperatures affecting the regions power supply. These periodic outages are to help with potential long term unexpected power outages.

In conjunction with other local agencies Evergy has been contacted in an attempt to try and gain more information about location and timeframe of possibly outages.

Evergy has advised that they have concluded temporary electricity reductions for the day in the State of Missouri.

When questioned about possible further outages Evergy advised they do not know if any further reductions will even take place, when they may take place, or where the power outages would take place if needed. Energy did advise that the outages could be WITHOUT warning and would last 30-60 minutes before they restored the area with power.

Energy did advise that the potential for the outages could last over the next 48 hrs due to the extreme frigid temperatures.

Any further information obtained will be distributed out via Rich Hill Fire Department and City of Rich Hill Facebook pages. If Evergy advises the City of possibly power reductions/outages that information will also be sent out by Nixel text message.