Rich Hill High School Alumni 2022


     RHHS Alumni committee has met on March 22 and April 5 to get plans started for this years alumni banquet.  Many things have been decided with still others yet on the agenda and will be taken up at our next meeting on April 19th  7:00 pm at the Kern Center.  Please feel free to come and join in the planning as we are in need of new people to work on this committee. 

     Decisions that have been made are:  new officers were elected and they are, President—Betty Hood, Vice-President—Wanda Smith, Secretary—Marilyn Swarnes and Treasurer—Dean Fischer.  Banquet date is Saturday, May 28, 2022 at the Rich Hill community dome at 6:30 pm.  Reservation will need to be made with Beverly Sullins.  Address–6807 SE Market St, Rockville, MO 64780.  Phone 417-395-4288 or cell 816-769-4832, leave message on either one and your call will be returned .  You may also text the cell number or e-mail  Citizens Bank in Rich Hill will also be taking reservations.   Cost for the meal will be $20.00 for the banquet and $5.00 dues for each graduate.  The Rich Hill Alumni  does apologize for the increase for the meal but we all know that everything has gone up in price.  Be aware for this price you will get your choice of beef brisket or rolled pork tenderloin with cheesy potatoes, green beans, mixed salad, roll and butter.  Also includes drink and dessert.  This is the same menu as last year, served by RHHS alumni member, Linda Schapeler.  The committee feels you are getting a great deal.  Plus following the meeting the alumni committee will be serving ice cream.  Very important! Reservations must be made before May 23rd. They must give the caterer a number on that date.  Make plans to attend, mark your calendar, get your reservations in and help make this years Rich Hill alumni banquet a great success.  Other plans will be announced as they become available. 

                                                                                 Beverly Sullins, reservation chairman.