Rich Hill Police Department

The Rich Hill Police Department sends out this public service message to the residents of the Rich

Hill Community.  Lately, there have been several phone calls and walk-ins to the Rich Hill City Hall

for police matters,  where an officer is needed to respond to an incident. While they all share the

building, the ladies at the Rich Hill City Hall do not handle police work.

They understand there will be times you may need to come to  City Hall to request to speak to an

officer and we welcome that.  However, minutes matter when there is a situation that requires the

response of a police officer. The best way to get an officer to respond is by calling dispatch. They are

in constant contact with the on duty officer(s). When you see something that just isn’t right, or you

have an emergency, don’t hesitate to call.

The Rich Hill Dispatch phone number is : (417)395-2222