Rich Hill WEMO Conference Band

Congratulations to the following Rich Hill students who made the 2021 WEMO Conference Band and were placed amongst all competing students in the conference!

1st Chair Trumpet: Hayden Schapeler

2nd Chair Trumpet: Miranda Dougherty

6th Chair Trumpet: Hannah White

8th Chair Trumpet: Adrien King

11th Chair Trumpet: Daylan Black

1st Chair Bari Sax: Emily Black

2nd Chair Baritone: Salym Bolser

4th Chair Baritone: Izetta Person

3rd Chair Clarinet: Sydney Bell

12th Chair Clarinet: Lydia Fox

4th Chair Flute: Destiney Burris

6th Chair Flute: Noelle Abend

4th Chair Alto Sax: Kyla Couzens

6th Chair Percussion: Bryce Yohe