Sherwood Plan to School Plan

Status Options for the District Sherwood Schools will have three (3) options available for the status of the district. Each status may result in changes to the learning environment, but the information on the following are general guidelines that would be in place for at least a Green status. It is the intent of the district to open in Green status at the time of this publication.

● Regular classroom environment
● All students selecting traditional learning option may be present
● Families may opt for online learning due to safety concerns

● School remains open w/ partial student attendance.
● A/B Day method used with Tuesday & Wednesday or Thursday & Friday student attendance for 2 days per week
● A/B Day is assigned by households so those living together attend on the same day.
● Bus routes will be factored into A/B Day assignments to reduce the number of riders on a given day as much as possible.
● May or may not result in a 50/50 split in each classroom.

● Online Learning Only, No Face-to-Face classes In order to keep as many students in the building and learning as possible, it may be possible that each building may have a different status due to infection rates and recommendations from health agencies. This will be communicated by administration via email, text, and voice calls to parents.

Universal and Correct Wearing of Masks For the 2021-22 school year the following guidelines the use of masks and/or face coverings:
● Masks will be recommended but not required for the start of the 2021-22 school year during the school day and in the school building.
○ As of July 21, 2021 the CDC has issued a mandate that all people on public transportation, including school buses, must be masked. Sherwood will follow this guidance until the mandate is removed.
■ When this mandate is removed masking will be recommended but not required on school buses.
● This recommendation could be changed based on the health conditions of the community.
● The district will immediately change practices based on any local, state, or federal mandates
● The masking policy in the district will be reviewed at least monthly by the school district. **If the community is no longer listed in a category there will be no mask guidance provided unless there is a return to Category 1-3 by the local health department. Masks will be allowed at any time for students or employees who feel the need to wear one.
● When mask wearing is required, students and staff must wear masks correctly – tight fitting over the nose and mouth at all times unless 6 ft of distance from others is available. ○ Faculty and staff are expected to enforce this with students