Some Services the New Community Resource Program has to Offer

The Community Resource Coordinator, Rachelle Mallatt, is located at 13 W Dakota St in Butler, MO.

Services provided by the coordinator are based off individual need. If you need support, help or assistance, in any area of life, the community resource program may be the help you need.

Highlight support service for this week is for family members and loved ones of alcohol abuse and/or drug addiction. Rachelle just took a Family recovery resource course last week and is eager to put her new skills to good use!!

A family resource program, like the one we are developing, is designed to help take the burden off of those struggling in our community. Support resources are readily available for family members affected by alcohol and/or drug addiction.

Services provided to family members include but are not limited to:

1. Developing a Wellness plan for your family, a set of guidelines, plans, goals, and strategies to help improve your family environment!!! Action plans are key to achieving anything!!!

2. Setting healthy boundaries, boundaries are hard to set and even harder to keep. I can help you develop the kind of boundaries that addicts need to have in order to want to seek recovery!!

3. Advice on how to help and stop enabling. There is a fine line between helping an addict/alcoholic and enabling them, are you confident that you are doing what’s best to help your loved one find recovery??

4. Developing Self-care plans, remember you can NOT pour from an empty pot!! When you take care of yourself you build strength to both tolerate what you can’t change and to change what you can. Also setting the example of the change you want to see in your loved one!!

5. Effective communication skills. Learn positive communication that will help an addict see that you are hurting too!! Learning how substances affect the thought process can change the way you communicate with others in addiction. Let me suggest a new approach to the same old argument you have over and over again!

If you have a loved one struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you do not have to suffer alone!! Together we can make a difference!! Stop by to visit and ask about my family recovery resource guide…….

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm