Sometimes Drama Can Be a Good Thing

It’s one thing to spend a large portion of your life fighting cancer by providing pharmaceuticals to oncologists; quite another to discover one day that you have cancer yourself.  Such is the story of Warren Moseley.  And while the word drama normally conjures up ideas of self-promotion and self-importance, this story has drama of a very different kind.  It’s the story of a sick gentleman, and two very good, persistent nurses. 

Warren Moseley was very ill when he entered the Emergency Department at Nevada Regional Medical Center on the evening of July 5th.   He had already been through multiple surgeries for his cancer and endured a lot of radiation and infection.  A COVID test at the hospital that night came back negative.  Warren thought, “They’ll give me an antibiotic and send me home.” 

But nurses Nicole Hendrix and Shiloh Cathers had other ideas.  Nicole was familiar with Mr. Moseley’s case and remembered that he had suffered a surgical infection about a year earlier.  Something just didn’t feel right to her that night and she wasn’t going to simply give him some medication and send him home.  Rather she and Shiloh pushed for additional tests which uncovered some more serious, underlying issues.  Their persistence resulted in Mr. Moseley being admitted to the hospital and being spared a very doubtful outcome that night. 

Warren was so impressed with these two nurses that he wrote a letter to Nevada Regional Medical Center and thanked the hospital for going the extra mile to save his life. 

Incidentally, Nicole had been the nurse that treated Warren’s wife in 2020 and arranged a life flight for her to Kansas City.  Sadly, Warren ended up losing his wife during that experience, but is impressed that now – a year later – this nurse remembers his wife and every detail of that fateful day.  

Hendrix and Cathers work well as a team.  “We’ve gone through some hard times with Mr. Moseley and have given him a lot of bad news.  We just hope we’ve helped a little.”

Apparently Mr. Moseley thinks they’ve helped a lot. Just prior to this photo, he had run 3 miles!   And he does that every day! 

Drama?  Maybe.  But a good kind of drama.

Nevada Regional Medical Center patient Warren Moseley is flanked by two of his favorite nurses:  Nicole Hendrix on the left and Shiloh Cathers on the right.