St. Clair County Arrests


Bobby Louvier- On Aug. 28, Bobby Louvier, 34, Collins, was arrested on three St. Clair County warrants charging him with a class D misdemeanor operating a vehicle on highway without a valid license. The bond set for this charge is $315 cash only. The second warrant is for an infraction of no seat belt. The third warrant is a class A misdemeanor resisting/interfering with arrest. This is a no bond warrant.

Bobby Louvier
The class A misdemeanor warrant stems from a disturbance call on March 1, 2017. St. Clair County deputies were dispatched to SE 871 Road. Dispatch advised the subject has already hit someone and is now armed with a hammer.

Upon arrival, a deputy made contact with Clint Wilkerson, he was bleeding from the face and pointed at the subject that hit him. Deputies started approaching the subject to speak with him about the assault. The subject was told several times to walk towards the deputies. The white male subject then turned and started running to the north, behind a trailer house. One deputy ran behind him and another ran around to the front of the residence as the white male came around to the front of the residence. A deputy pointed their taser at the subject and ordered him to the ground.

The subject went down to his knees and would not go all the way to the ground. A deputy assisted him the rest of the way to the ground, the subject tried getting up a few times and refuse to put his hands behind his back. He continued to resist and a drive stun with a department issued taser to the back of the subject was applied. He then placed his hands behind his back and deputies were able to place handcuffs on him. The subject was identified as Bobby A Louvier.

The class D misdemeanor and seat belt infraction stems from a traffic stop by the Missouri Highway Patrol on March 2, 2017.