Stagecoach Mural on Southwest Corner of Butler Square

The Butler Historic Preservation Commission has begun work on the mural located Dakota Street just off the Southwest Corner of the Butler Square. This mural is of Lindsay stagecoach and Mail Line.

The Lindsay Stage and Mail line had several routes – Northwest thru Virginia, Mulberry, West Point and on to LaCygne, East thru Pleasant Gap and Lahai and on to Appleton City and then south to Osceola. Anthony Lindsay was born in Nova Scotia and came to Bates County in 1870 to run the mail and stagecoach lines.

A little history about this building includes, to the west was the livery stable that served the three hotels in the immediate area.

The Pickett Hotel (Later Beatty’s) where Butler Abstract and LeNeaves is now, the LaClede Hotel where the mattress store is just west of Bates County Administrative building is now and the Day, later Southern Hotel in the empty lot south of the Methodist Church.

Thanks to the Butler Historic Preservation Commission for bringing our history to light and to all the volunteers who are helping.