Statement from Governor Parson

Governor Parson’s hopes the first piece of legislation to hit his desk this year is a CLEAN COVID-19 liability protection bill.

Missouri businesses, manufacturers, health care providers, schools, churches, and many other entities across the state did not hesitate to step up and help their communities in the fight against COVID-19.

NONE of these groups should be penalized for their efforts to help. They must be able to continue serving the public without risk of unnecessary claims, and Governor Parson looks forward to working with the House and Senate to get this done.

In addition to COVID-19 liability, Wayfair must also be addressed. I hope the House and Senate will consider legislation to address the unfair advantage online retailers have over small businesses in Missouri.

Governor Parson a strong supporter of lower taxes – in fact, he has signed several tax cuts into law.

However, our small businesses, especially in smaller communities, are getting crushed right now because they cannot compete with huge online retailers.

We must level that playing field and consider ways to responsibly invest those revenues and provide new opportunities for our state.