Stay In The Know With “Mo On the Go”

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As vacationers take to the highway before summer ends, the Missouri Department of Transportation wants travelers to stay in the know with “Mo On the Go.”

Where are the busiest work zones? When will an incident be cleared? What roads are still flooded?

All these questions can be answered with “Mo On the Go,” MoDOT’s suite of online and mobile information tools that shares the latest news on work zones, road conditions and incidents.

Traveler Information Map
First, there is MoDOT’s online Traveler Information Map and its mobile counterpart, the Traveler Information App. Millions of visitors use these tools every year to see what lies on the road ahead before they even get in their vehicle. You can see the map for yourself at

The map displays color-coded road conditions, work zones, flood warnings, traffic crashes, roadside cameras, message boards and even commuter lots. A video tutorial on how to use the map is available here:

The same road condition and traffic information is available by downloading MoDOT’s Traveler Information App at either Google Play or iTunes. MoDOT reminds users not to use the app while driving.

Another way to stay connected to Missouri transportation information is through MoDOT’s E-update system. By subscribing to E-update, travelers can get information sent directly to their email inbox. Users can subscribe by district, county, route or project at Once there, text alerts are also an option.

Toll-Free Number
Motorists can also contact MoDOT’s customer service representatives 24-hours a day by calling toll free 1-888 ASK-MODOT (888-275-6636).

Message Boards
For travelers already on the road, MoDOT’s changeable message boards can deliver valuable information. Most people know the roadside boards display safety messages reminding drivers to buckle up and put the phone down. But when there’s a crash ahead, they can be the only way a driver gets a heads up beforehand.

Social Media
People can also keep up with major road closures and access convenient links to more road condition information by following MoDOT on Facebook and Twitter.

Just go to and to stay in the loop.

Safety messages, shareable memes and more light-hearted fair can also be found on these interactive sites.

You can connect with all of these tools by visiting and bookmarking