Substitute Teachers Needed in Area Schools

Many Schools in our local area have had days recently where school is not in session due to illness of teacher and lack of substitute teacher. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a substitute teacher there are two ways:

1. If you have 60 hours of college credit you would have your transcript sent to DESE, apply through DESE’s website, complete the background check through DESE, and then once you have your substitute certificate you can apply to substitute at any Missouri district.

2. Complete a 20-hour online training series through Frontline Education if you have a high school diploma and/or less than 60 hours of college credit. Once completed you complete the application and background check through DESE. Upon approval you can apply at any school district in Missouri.

You can also become a SUBSTITUTE PARAPROFESSIONAL by having a high school diploma.

The DESE website with all of the information is:…/certification/substitute-teachers

For questions about substitute certification please call DESE at 573-751-0051.

For questions about what to do once you are approved by DESE call any local school for with questions or to apply to be a substitute teacher visit the schools websites.