Thank You- FM 92.1 Employees

Many essential employees are working tirelessly to continue to provide you with the comforts you are used to., Doctors and Nurses, Caregivers Police and Sheriff employees, School Teachers and Truck-Drivers. The Workers that are stocking shelves and delivering your food and groceries to your car. Your local Pharmacies and grocery stores.  Let us take the time to publicly thank the employees on staff at your hometown radio station. These people are the voice of your city, keeping you updated on local businesses that are closed, information from city officials, and posting cancellations of scheduled events. Preparing your local news and weather and trying to keep our spirits up with our favorite Country Music.

FM 92.1 Owner, Melody Thornton would like to take the time to thank her essential employees that are keeping FM 92.1 on the air for you. Also leaving their families at home to make sure you have your local news and Facebook information. We appreciate our clients that support their local radio station by advertising.

Melody would like to take this time to thank her loyal employees that are fighting this battle with her.

Morning  DJ Rick Kuenzler / Pleasant Hill
Afternoon Automation Programmer/ Cindy Nickerson/ Butler
Secretary/ News Director Assistant  and Girl Friday Diane Bartels
Sales Rep/ Beverly Baze/ Rich Hill

FM 92.1 Owner stated, ” I could not do this alone. I appreciate my employees.”