The Little Apple

Vol 29 no 33

                                                August 18 2021

Classes resume at Appleton City Schools August 24.  Parents are asked to check the postings about COVID-19 and their re-entry plan on Facebook.  You can view the posts and see other information at

St. Clair Co Health Department reports 1006 positive cases and 23 deaths as of August 17, 2021 in the county.  There are 38 current cases.  More information is available at

The Montrose Class of 2024 is sponsoring a benefit whole hog raffle for Keon Engeman. They are selling raffle tickets for a whole hog plus the cost of processing. Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $25. The hog is from the Henzlik Family Farm and the cost of processing is paid for by donations from families of the Montrose Class of 2024. If you win, you will be contacted via telephone. The drawing is September 1, 2021 and the pig will be delivered to processor at the beginning of September. All proceeds for this raffle will go directly to Keon Engeman for medical expenses. Contact any member of the Montrose Class of 2024 to purchase raffle tickets. If you have questions or need tickets, call Michelle Henzlik at 660-492-2885.

Does your school, not-for-profit organization, church or governmental entity have a project in mind that could use some funding?  Truman Lake Community Foundation, Inc. announces their Fall 2021 Grant Application cycle opens on August 1, 2021.  Grant applications must be completed online at (be sure to look for the Truman Lake Community Foundation Grantmaking Program Fall 2021) before the 5:00 p.m. August 31, 2021 deadline.  Awarded grants will be distributed in October 2021.  Any questions will be answered by emailing or calling 660-885-6195 and asking for Ryan Cook.

CDI Head Start in Appleton City is taking applications for the 2021-2022 school year for children between the ages of 3-5 years.  This is a totally FREE program.  Breakfast, lunch and snack are provided.   Call 660-717-2024 to set up an appointment to apply.

Ellett Memorial Hospital offers outpatient specialist services for August, 2021. Call 660-476-2111 for appointments: Aug 18-Upper GI, Colonoscopy-Dr. Namin, Aug 19 Podiatry- Dr. Ciaramello, Aug 25 Ortho – Dr. Gray, Aug 25 – Ophthalmology – Dr. Soni, Aug 26 – Rheumatology – Dr. Tay

It wasn’t the best of springs for baling hay.  According to Pat Miller, University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist, stockpiling fall forage can stretch your hay supply by delaying how early you start feeding hay plus reduce your harvesting costs.  Miller says, “Think of it as letting the cows do their own harvesting.”  Fall fescue pastures have excellent forage quality, running 15 to 18% protein. If you want to get fall grazing or winter stockpiling from your fescue stands, fertilizing needs to be done in late summer, preferably just before a rain.  Much of the late growth of fescue is made during August and September.  So for the fertilizer to benefit the fall growth it needs to be applied in August.  Miller says that forty to sixty pounds of nitrogen would be plenty. Apply phosphorus, potash and lime according to soil test recommendations to get the benefit of all the nitrogen you apply. If the stand is primarily fescue, it can also be stockpiled for winter use.  Because of its cell wall structure, the fall growth of fescue can be stockpiled for winter grazing.  For this use, Miller recommends that cattle should be removed by August and returned after the first of the year so that the endophyte level is reduced in high endophyte varieties. On novel entophyte varieties, grazing can begin in October. Other grasses and legumes do not work as well for stockpiling.  The best way to utilize this stockpiled fescue is to strip graze or limit graze.  An electric fence can be moved each day to give them one day’s worth of grazing.  This way the cattle will not trample the grass before they are able to eat it.  Miller says, “They’ll probably be there waiting for you to move the fence.”  For more information see guide sheet G4646, Tall Fescue. 

The Ellett Memorial Hospital Foundation was established in 2000 by a local couple to benefit and carry out the purposes of Ellett Memorial Hospital.  The Foundation has played a major role in the Hospital’s recent renovation/expansion project.  The Foundation is a 501c3 organization and plays an important role in ensuring the future of the Hospital by providing an avenue for individuals, groups and corporations to lend their financial support through tax-deductible contributions. The Ellett Memorial Hospital Foundation would like to extend an invitation to the community to assist with this project.  They would like to welcome all current and past members of the community and service area to make a donation to the Ellett Memorial Hospital Foundation. Donations can be restricted or non-restricted for use as the donor identifies.  Recognition will be given for all contributions.  For further information, contact Julee Snyder, Ellett Memorial Hospital, 660-476-211.

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Aug 24     First day of school at Appleton City Schools