The Museum Minute: Herrman’s Historical Happenings week of July 28

1860 Mrs. Borden’s Boarding House is damaged by fire in West Point. Several “ladies” are left temporarily homeless and without a means of support

1876 The third annual Bates Co Fair Association fair opens for three days at the fairgrounds east of Butler

1900 An advertisement in the Bates Co Democrat “One day special at Jim’s Clean grocery and meat market. Soap 3 cents, pickles 18 cents a gallon, tea siftings 11 cents, first door east of the Missouri State Bank, northeast corner of the square, Butler

1934 James Potts, the city’s stray dog exterminator, shoots at one in the northeast corner of the courthouse lawn, one of the bullets skips into a plate glass window of the Victor DeBow radio shop on the south side of the Butler square at 7 W. Dakota St.

1942 Wilbur Hastin & Stanley Gray relocated their ‘Wilbur & Stanley’ Auto Shop to 103 East Dakota St., Butler (Troy’s repair shop).

1951 The city of Butler has engaged Marion Arnold, local feed store owner to fog the city tonight. He has a Tiffa Fogging Machine, Butler wants to get rid of mosquitoes and other troublesome insects

1956 Three people die in an automobile crash at a blind intersection, southeast of Rich Hill. Thomas Pope, president of the Rich Hill school board and supervisor of the Agriculture Committee of Bates Co dies on the way to the Butler hospital. Mrs. William Poulter dies at the scene, her husband dies later at the Nevada hospital

1960 George Ross announces the purchase of the Arnold Mills from Marion Arnold, Butler

1978 The crowd is large and willing to buy at the well promoted Butler Sidewalk Sale

1988 Rodney Rom, chief mechanic at Jack’s Diversified Service in Butler is a finalist, winning third place in the All American Engine Repair Championship held in Louisville, Kentucky. He won $400 and the engine he was working on.

2000 Some 80 cancer survivors make a rainy trek around the Butler square as John Magoffin, playing “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes, leads them. 9 year old Taylor Waite, son of Brian and Jacque Waite of Butler, is the grand marshal

2001 An estimated 10,000 people attend the three day, 23rd annual Steam and Gas Engine Show at the grounds east of Adrian

Courtesy of Mid America Live

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