This Week in History: According to Eddie Herrman’s

December 11th – 17th in the year…

December 11, 1882 – The long awaited opening of the Walton Opera House features the may Wheeler company in the play, “Engaged.” Before the play, Judge Lelfer addresses the full house and the Young Men of Butler present William Walton with a fine, gold headed walking stick.  (The walking stick is part of the Museum’s collections and is on display)

December 12, 1901 – George Falloon, who has amassed several thousand acres of land, southwest of Adrian, comes to Bates County to take charge and live there.  He will make improvements on the ranch to be called ‘Falloon Heights’.   (Young’s Mansion)

December 13, 1861 – The former Bates Co Courthouse is burned at Papinville by Union troops, from Kansas, commanded by Senator Jim Lane.

December 14, 1883 – The Cumberland Presbyterians have $ 1,500 raised toward the building of their new church at the corner of Pine & Fulton streets in Butler.

December 15, 1887 – Carrie Nation, renowned anti-liquor crusader, leads a parade of booze foes around the Butler square.  She also speaks at some of the local churches. (A photograph of the march around the square is on display at the Museum, and a Carrie Nation, ‘hatchet pin’ and her autobiography)

December 16, 1877 – Mrs. Divan, who was being held in the Bates Co jail, in Butler, for operating a ‘bawdy house’ in Rockville, is freed by some cohorts who beat down the door with sledge hammers.

December 17, 1890 – The ladies of Rich Hill hold a grand entertainment, the proceeds going to the building of a home for the destitute ex-Confederate soldiers of Missouri, and their wives an orphans.  Dinner at 11:30 am and Supper at 6 pm.  Tickets 25 cents for each meal.  (The Confederate Home is located in Higginsville)

Courtesy of Mid America Live