This Week in History: Happenings in early February

1870 – Today’s issue of the Bates Co Record newspaper says a new Post office named after US Representative Burdette, has been established 2 miles north of Parkerville in Northwest Bates Co.
1911 – Captain J. B. Newberry, of Spruce, is attacked, and seriously injured, by a ferocious boar.
1929 – Bates Co Sheriff discovers some of his guests aren’t happy with their accommodations, as someone has sawed through 2 five inch steel plates on the ‘cage’.
1922 – Butler Fire chief George Keirsey and fireman Elmer Smullins return to Butler, from Kansas City, with Butler’s new fire truck, an International.  It replaces the horse drawn engine and truck loaned them by W. H. Smith.
1903 – His Fate Sealed.  Dr. J. L. Gartrell Will Hang for the Murder of D. B. Donegan.  March 6 the Date of Execution.  Supreme Court Affirms the Decision of the Lower Court.
1903 – The bowling alley on the east side of the Butler square is started up.  It is a fine place.  Mr. McCartney, a gentleman from Iowa, is the proprietor.
1872 – In regular session, the County Court creates Homer township out of part of Walnut township in western Bates County.
1911 – The cornerstone is laid for the new Butler High School, Pine & Havannah Streets.
1887 – The building housing the Walton Opera House and the Butler National Bank burns.
1911 – Walter Henry opens the new Henry Motor Company, selling dodge Brothers vehicles. Butler.
1913 – The town of Foster is breathing a sigh of relief as the smallpox epidemic seems to be under control.  Dr. Rhoades and Mayor Heymell are to be commended. 
1884 – Fay Templeton, an actress of note, plays to large crowds at the Rich Hill Opera House.
1874 – Esquire McReynolds fines 4 whiskey-sodden fighters $ 5 each for their part in the big row in front of Dixon’s Saloon. Butler.
1884 – Judge Gantt decides in the case of William Price vs Fannie Price, that one bucket of dishwater thrown on a man is not grounds for divorce.
1921 – The Bates Co Court order the County Clerk to burn the wolf scalps and the hawk and owl heads brought in for bounties each day.
1923 – The 11th annual Elks Minstrels begin a two night stand at the Fisk Opera House.  The show is staged and directed by Charles & Leta Fisk.

Courtesy of Mid America Live