Trick Rider Sophia Duch to Perform at Butler Saddle Club Rodeo June 18th and 19th

15 year old Sophie Duch will perform at the Butler Saddle Club Rodeo during the Friday and Saturday night performances. She lives in Stilwell, Oklahoma and is in the 10th  grade.

She began her career in rodeo entertainment with Trick Riding and Cowboy Mounted Shooting, she has been crowned the 49th Annual IFR Contract Acts Showcase champion with her “ Annie Oakley Wild West Act”. This performance involves riding her horse as fast as she can and shooting balloon targets with a .45 single action pistol and also shooting a balloon target behind her with a mirror and her double barrel shotgun, just as Annie Oakley did in the Wild West Shows.

 She has a total package performance to offer rodeo style events including: Opening American Flag presentation Hippodrome style
( which means standing up in the saddle). Wild West Mounted Shooting Act and also a Trick Riding Act. Sophie preformed at 10 events in 2018 and booked over 8 events for the 2019 season.

Sophia Duch is scheduled to perform during the Friday and Saturday night Butler Saddle Club Rodeo, June 18th and 19th.

Welcome to Bates County Sophia Duch. See her on Facebook at