Tumor Board Collaborates on Cancer Patient Care at BCMH

A board of medical professionals has been formed at Bates County Memorial Hospital to collaborate on cancer patient cases. The Tumor Board was created to provide a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, bringing together oncology, radiology and pathology specialists to aid in decision-making and improve care coordination.

The Tumor Board gives our primary care providers a setting to discuss their patients’ cases with the multidisciplinary team. The goal is to prevent and diagnose cancers, plan treatment and evaluate decisions, as well as to help establish the best treatment plan for our patients without having to travel to facilities far outside of the community.

Any of the physicians or mid-levels on the Tumor Board may refer a patient to the tumor conference. Data is collected and sent to radiologists and pathologists on the board, who then prepare films, slides and reports to be presented at the monthly Tumor Board Conference. Members give input during the conference and help in the decision-making process. The oncologist and the primary care provider discuss items specific to each patient, enhancing continuity of care.

For patients, there is comfort knowing their primary care provider, who often has a better understanding of their health history, is collaborating with oncologists other medical professionals to coordinate their best care and treatment.

The first Tumor Board Conference was held at BCMH on July 28 and will meet once a month.

All medical staff and mid-levels at Bates County Memorial Hospital are members of the Tumor Board, including Family Care Clinic providers, Radiologist Dr. Corey Chopra, Pathologist Dr. Kevin Madigan, Pulmonologist Dr. Timothy Smith, and the Oncology team: Dr. Jaswinder Singh, Brandi Sampson, NP, and Moied Riaz, NP. BCMH Chemo nurses are also on the Tumor Board: Karen Landers, RN; Kate Long, RN and Stephanie Boin, RN. The board is coordinated by Ann Donnohue, RN, Outpatient Specialty Clinic Supervisor.