Two Men and a Bicycle Charity Ride for Disabled Veterans

The Lake View Barns in Appleton City is owned and operated by Susan Hearting of Appleton City. The Venue offers 5 cabins for guests/ weddings and receptions or just a getaway. Lake View Barns has offered shelter to George Kohler and his son, Joshua Kohler of the United Kingdom/England.

The father/son bike team has been biking through threw the United States to raise funds for “ Biking For Battle Back” which supports British Legion Disabled Veterans.

They flew into the United Stated on March 31st. The team started pedaling on April 3rd with a journey from New York to San Francisco. They hit the Bates County Area yesterday.

Susan Hearting contacted the newsroom of 92.1 to reach the media for publicity.  

On Saturday, April 30th they will begin their journey by bicycle, west to Colorado. The Charity Ride is tracking and posting their travel and encounters every 10 minutes. The links below will allow you to view their journey.

George and Joshua want to make the public aware of their travels, if and when you see two gentlemen traveling by bicycle in our area. Give a “ wave” or a “ honk” to thank them for their Charity Ride across the United States for Disabled Veterans.