Update from Butler Police Department

Due to a high volume in calls we have gotten regarding if Missouri is going into “lockdown” tonight, we at the Butler Police Department want to make you aware of what is happening.

The state of Missouri has made a reasonable request to limit your travel, in the attempt to limit exposure to COVID19.

They have asked you to only travel when it is essential, YOU decide what is essential we can not tell you what is essential to your life.

Restaurants and bars have been asked to close, unless they offer delivery, curbside delivery, or carryout. AGAIN this is to limit exposure.

This is NOT martial law, it is not an order, it is a suggestion/recommendation.

If you are out at odd hours of the night, will an officer make contact? Probably, but that is what our Officers have always done because of the high potential of break ins at night.

We also ask that you do your part to help limit exposure, especially with Bates County now having their first confirmed case. But no one is forcing you to do your part in helping.